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Feb 6, 2013 10:34 PM

Lancaster Police: Child Abuse Charges Dropped Against Garrard Co. Parents

Charges against two Garrard County parents accused of abusing their seven week-old son have been dropped. Amanda Cole and Larry Delaney have been released from jail after six months behind bars. They told LEX 18 they never touched their little boy, and that new evidence exonerates them.

The last time Amanda Cole and Larry Delaney saw their son, Joseph Cole, he was seven weeks old. Since then, six months have passed, and he's grown quite a bit. Mom and Dad missed out on many "firsts."

"I know there will always be another one, but you never get back the first time," Cole says.

Last August, the parents were arrested and charged with abusing Joseph. At the time, police said the baby was bruised on his ribs, back, and buttocks, and possibly had a fractured skull. But according to the Lancaster Police Chief, new medical tests show new evidence: evidence strong enough that the commonwealth's attorney has dismissed the abuse charges.

"It's been six months we was locked up for nothing--something we didn't do," Delaney says. "It's rough. But God does everything for a reason."

"I took care of that baby like he was my world," Cole says. "I never would hurt my son, never would lay a hand on him, because that was my baby."

Cole says it's possible someone abused him, but she refused to elaborate.

"Something happened to my son. I'm confused, I want to know what happened. In the long run something will come out and I'll find out what happened."

For now, the parents are focused on regaining custody. Joseph has been in foster care while Cole and Delaney were in jail.

"I know that i've got to fight harder to get him back," Cole says. "It's going to be worth every minute of my life to get my son back in my arms."

The couple say they are due back in court on March 25.


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