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Feb 23, 2013 10:01 PM

Latest: Bodies Believed To Be Those Of Missing Johnson County Couple Still Awaiting Autopsy

A missing persons case turned into a homicide investigation in Johnson County Friday night.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Department says the bodies of two adults were uncovered from a makeshift grave Friday. Investigators believe they are the bodies of a long missing couple.

The walls of a barn at the home of Sandara and Larry Blanton hide the most gruesome images, the bodies of two people found buried 4 to 5 feet underground.

"They were in the same hole it looks like, just a couple feet apart," says Sheriff Dwayne Price.

The Sheriff says he's confident the partially decomposed bodies are that of Larry and Sandara Blanton, missing since last September.

Working off a tip, investigators began digging on the Blanton family farm late Friday night and continued well into Saturday morning.

"I saw the back hoe they were taking up and searching for the bodies and all the rescue and stuff," says Mary Lou Blanton, a relative and neighbor of Larry and Sandara.

Mary Lou says, the community is glad the ordeal is probably over. "We're glad that they found Larry and Sandy and for the family's sake because that's been a worry for them because they didn't know."

Mary Lou says the couple were known as good neighbors. "He was just a regular guy and she was, Loved her home, loved her family." She also says the family long suspected something had gone terribly wrong. "She talked to her mother everyday and her mother got an inkling that something was wrong when she didn't talk to her," remembers Mary Lou.

Willie Blanton, the couple's son, remains behind bars. A family member says he met with an attorney Saturday. He has been a person of interest in the disappearance of his parents.

An autopsy is scheduled for Saturday evening in Frankfort to positively identify the bodies and to determine a cause of death.


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