Feb 12, 2013 10:38 PM

Laurel Co. Home Invasion Suspect Arrested

Laurel County deputies say 48 year-old Jeffery Sasser forced his way into four homes Tuesday morning, threatening the people inside. That afternoon, investigators chased him down, and Sasser is now at the Laurel County Jail.

One of Sasser's victims was John Duke. was a police officer for ten years in texas.

"I open the door a little bit to talk to him better, I opened it up like this," he says, opening his door only a couple inches.

Having been a police officer in Texas for nearly ten years, Duke tells LEX 18 he's not one to be fooled easily. When Sasser came to his door asking Duke if he'd seen his runaway granddaughter, Duke says wanted to help.

But it was all a set-up. Duke says Sasser then pulled a gun out from behind his back.

"He was pointing it right here at my eyeballs and he says, what do I have to do to get you to open this door and let me in?"

Duke slammed the door, called 911, and grabbed his gun.

"I came out here like this and I looked around looked up and down."

But Sasser was gone.

Deputies say he tried to break into three other homes in the area. No one was hurt. Deputies arrested Sasser Tuesday afternoon, chasing him through the woods, south of London. On Sasser, they found the gun, three knives, duct tape, and rope.

Duke says after this, he'll never answer the door without his gun in his holster.

"I let my guard down and this is where I am. It really upset me. I was surprised. I'm 70 years old, and I really got upset. Never been that upset before in my life."

Detectives say Sasser will likely face charges for a home invasion back in October, when he allegedly beat a 74 year-old man and stole his car.

KSP also interviewed Sasser. We're told he may be connected to more crimes in the area.


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