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Sep 24, 2012 10:54 PM

Laurel County Dog Survives March 2 Tornado, Adopted By New Family

The March 2 tornados killed six people in Laurel County. Among them, a mother and daughter who owned a dog named Angel.

Angel was chained up outside their trailer in East Bernstadt when the storm hit. Amazingly, she survived. Now, six months later, the dog has a new family.

When you meet Angel, it's clear she's not like other dogs. She doesn't bark, doesn't jump, and she keeps her tail between her legs.

"She won't approach anyone. She just runs," says her new owner, Pat Seng.

And then, there are those sad puppy eyes. It's easy to see Angel has been through a lot of pain in her three year old life.

"That's why we give her all that TLC, is because we know she lost her family," Seng says.

On March 2, Angel's owner, Ethel Pruitt, died hiding in her mobile home when the tornado blew through. Ethel's daughter, Mary Ann, was with her. She died three weeks later from injuries. The twister threw Mary Ann 75 yards from the home. Through all this, Angel was chained to a tree outside.

"I can't imagine. I mean if the trailer must have been blown over to kill the two ladies inside, I can't imagine what blew around her," Seng says.

Now, six months later, and just 15 miles from her original East Bernstadt home, Angel is adjusting to a new life. Pat and Bob Seng adopted her from the Humane Society in Louisville, where Angel's been recovering.

"I don't know if she thinks it's home or not, but I know she started out here and I think she should come back here," she says.

The Sengs hope being home will help angel remember how to be a carefree, happy puppy again.


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