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Dec 12, 2012 11:06 PM

Letter To Group Of Woodford County High School Students Stirs Controversy

It's a letter that went home with African American students at Woodford County High School and it has caused quite a controversy. Many parents say it's offensive. But the superintendent says the letter was meant to help students.

LEX 18 has heard from hundreds of you: from the emails, to the phone calls, to the Facebook posts. Many of the comments come from angry parents.

It is from the Woodford County High School Associate Principal, and it begins like this:

"Dear parent or guardian, On Thursday, December 13th at 8:30, we will be calling all of our African American students down to the cafeteria. Our recent data shows gaps in particular groups of students including: free/reduced lunch, Hispanic, and African American, so we are calling these students down to offer some additional forms of support to them."

Superintendent Scott Hawkins, says the letter was never meant to upset or offend anyone, that it was meant to encourage students.

The letter goes on to illustrate the importance of setting goals, keeping grades up, and it talks about scholarship money that's available.

Hawkins did say this letter was poorly worded. He apologized and said there was a better way to reach out to those students. Given the reaction to the letter, that's not going to happen tomorrow. The meeting in the cafeteria has been canceled.

After we talked with the superintendent, he told us parents should have received an automated call explaining the situation.


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