Apr 23, 2013 10:50 AM

LEX 18 Confirms Lexington Shooting Victim Is Former UK Football Player, Grad Manager For Calipari

LEX 18 has confirmed that the victim in a shooting incident on the east side of town Monday is a former UK football player and grad manager for John Calipari.

Police say the victim, now confirmed as Shomari Moore, told them he was driving along Elkhorn Road near Winchester Road around 9:30 p.m. when two men flagged him down. When Moore rolled down the window, one of the suspects fired.

Moore drove about three miles and flagged down an officer near Owens Avenue. He was taken to UK Hospital for treatment.

"He was cooperative when we first talked to him at the scene. At this point, the most important thing is his safety and he's being treated. Once he's stabilized, it will give us an opportunity to speak with him again." Lexington Police Department Lt. Eric Lowe said.

Police searched the area where Moore said the shooting took place. Investigators say they hope to find surveillance video. At this point, they only have a vague description of the suspects.

Officials say they expect Moore to recover from his wound.


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