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Feb 8, 2013 10:24 PM

LEX 18 Meteorologist's Family Hunkers Down During Winter Storm

Many Kentuckians are hearing about the blizzard from friends and family riding out the storm. LEX 18 Meteorologist Ian Oliver, who is from Westport, Massachusetts, has family there, and they are hunkering down as the snowstorm intensifies.

"This is kind of business as usual for them. They're usually good for a couple Nor'easters every year. They go out, get some gas for the generator," Ian says.

Ian's family sent LEX 18 pictures of their backyard around 10:00 Friday night. They estimated between two and three feet of snow had fallen. They lost power, and transformers blew in their neighborhood.

"My mom is actually a nurse in an emergency room and they're banned from being out on the roads, so the emergency management in my town is actually picking her up at six am tomorrow morning and bringing her to the hospital," Ian says.

Kentucky native, Kathy Holland, sent us pictures from her home in Sandown, New Hampshire, where it's the same story.

"I have about eight inches on my deck and it's blowing terribly," she says.

Holland stocked up on food before the storm hit, just to be safe. She's not alone.

"I went to the grocery store yesterday afternoon and there wasn't a lot of bread on the shelves. Other things like batteries and flashlights things of that nature, are off the shelves totally."

Holland, like many East Coasters, plans to hunker down and wait it out.

"It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better."


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