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Jan 13, 2014 12:09 AM

Lexington Apartment Fire Ruled Arson

Several Lexington residents woke up to firefighters knocking down their door in the middle of the night when an apartment nearby was consumed by flames. Now, investigators say someone purposely set it on fire.

It wasn't the wake up call these residents at the Racquet Club were expecting in the middle of the night.

"I just saw flashlights and they just said 'Lexington Fire Department you have to get out as fast you can there's a fire,'" said resident Megan Goetz.

"I got up and opened my door and then I could smell smoke. I got clothes and came outside and I grabbed my wallet phone and keys," said resident Jim Wombles.

Investigators say they got a call from a neighbor just before 3 o'clock in the morning. The neighbor told firefighters that they smelled smoke coming from an empty apartment nearby.

"I think I'm going to double check my smoke detectors because I didn't have any smoke detectors go off or anything like that," Goetz said.

Firefighters got the blaze under control quickly. After several hours of collecting evidence, investigators have ruled the fire to be arson.
It's news some residents were shocked to hear.

"I'm surprised to find out they think it's arson," said Wombles.

Investigators say when they arrived on scene and opened the door, the smoke came pouring out and went all the way up reaching other apartments. Some residents who live there told LEX 18 they're still dealing with the damage.

"My door was broken into so I didn't have a lock today and they had a couple of doors to fix so I had a friend come to my apartment and sit at my apartment all day while I was at work," said Goetz.

"I have a little bit of smoke damage and they broke through the door of course," said Wombles.

Some residents say they saw the tenants moving out of that apartment the day before the fire. Investigators say they don't know who started the blaze.

Investigators say the fire was contained to the kitchen and there was no structural damage to the building.

They're asking if you heard or saw anything, contact the Lexington Fire Department.


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