Jun 25, 2012 4:02 PM

Lexington Fire Department Sees Dramatic Uptick In Brush, Grass And Mulch Fires

The Lexington Fire Department has seen a dramatic uptick in the number of runs they have made to put out brush, grass, and mulch fires over the past two weeks. The lack of rain has created exceedingly dry conditions that make organic materials ripe for catching fire.

The vast majority of these fires can be directly attributed to improperly discarded smoking materials. Mulch fires can be especially dangerous as many times the material is situated directly next to buildings, bushes, cars, and other combustible objects.

The fire department needs your help in the form of a public plea to remind our citizens of the following:

1. Never through a lit cigarette out of a vehicle or onto the ground.
2. Dispose of all cigarette butts only in approved containers, not trash bins.
3. Whenever possible, douse a cigarette with water before disposal.
4. Never toss cigarettes into storm drains or waterways.

As always your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.


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