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Apr 11, 2012 11:03 PM

Lexington Firefighters Save Family From Gunfire

After the championship game last Monday, shots fired on Limestone early Tuesday put several people in danger. A group of firefighters happened to be in the right place at the right time, and may have saved one family's lives. Though, they tell LEX 18 they're not heroes, they were just doing their job.

Around 2am after the big win, the celebration was turning into chaos. Four firefighters from Station 11 were just a few hours from ending their shift when a certain set of circumstances put them in a situation they'll never forget.

"You just realize in this job, it can be over like that," Lt. Kevin Austin says.

Their engine was involved in a minor fender bender on Limestone. The firefighters were outside the truck speaking with the family involved, when one of them saw a flash.

"It was almost like it was in slow motion," says firefighter Brian McCain.

Someone fired a gun at least six times, about forty feet away, in their direction.

"There was a lot of panic. Mostly coming from the other side of the street. So we was trying to figure out who we needed to grab, who was screaming, where the shots were coming from, who had been shot," Lt. Jamie Tinsley remembers.

McClain threw himself on the little boy standing nearby. Firefighter Shawn Holloway pulled a woman out of her car, who was frozen with fear. Lieutenants Kevin Austin and Jamie Tinsley moved the rest of the family behind their engine.

"Stay calm, do your job, and once you get everyone else where they need to be, you can focus on the moment and realize what just happened," Tinsley says of that night.

"We've always gone and faced danger, run right into the middle of it. the thought wasn't even there until it was over, then it was like oh my," Holloway says.

These men won't call themselves heroes, they say they were just doing their job, and they'd do it again.

"We had a chance to sit back and think about what we had seen and what had happened. It was pretty incredible," says McCain.


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