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May 8, 2013 5:56 PM by Bianca Spinosa

Lexington Homes Flood With Sewage Sunday, One Family Still Dealing With Aftermath

Families on Squire Woods Way in Lexington are looking for answers after a sewer line backed up over the weekend. It discharged some sewage right into several homes in the area, and for one family, that sewage wasn't cleaned up until Wednesday afternoon.

"My immediate concern was for my daughter because her room is right next to that hot water tank," says Daniel Arroyo. On Sunday, the sewage was leaking out of the hot water tank.

The Arroyos are moving out of the house they rented for just twenty-two days. They are going back to the house to retrieve their belongings, including their two-year-old daughter's clothes. Daniel Arroyo wears plastic bags over his boots to keep the waste off his shoes.

On Sunday afternoon, tree roots had grown into the sewer line, and blocked it, causing leakage in the neighborhood. City maintenance unblocked the line, and an outside contractor was sent to the homes to clean up. So, who was responsible for the mess in the Arroyos' home? The Arroyos called their rental property Sunday, and we're told both the city and the rental property thought the other was taking care of the issue.

"[I feel] invisible. I feel like I'm not even here, it's downplayed," says Daniel Arroyo.

LEX18 made some phone calls, and the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government was able to clear up the issue, and send a clean-up crew to the house Wednesday afternoon.

"There's about a twenty-four hour, thirty-six hour delay before I think the right people got contacted. The city's contractor is on site today in that particular unit," says Mark York with the LFUCG Division of Environmental Policy.

"We will make sure everything that can be done, will be done as quickly as possible," adds York.

Sewer line maintenance crews plan to be on site tomorrow to inspect the line with cameras to prepare for a permanent fix. If you live in the neighborhood and have a claim, you can contact 859-258-3090.

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