Jul 19, 2013 8:10 PM

Man Accidentally Shoots Through Neighbor's Wall While Cleaning Gun

A man cleaning his gun in Lexington accidentally shot his neighbor's home.

The incident happened Friday afternoon on Moss Bridge Way. Thankfully, no one was hurt. But it was a close call.

Leslie Tracy's day started just like any other, until she suddenly heard a noise. "I actually heard something but wasn't sure what it was, it was just kind of a loud pop or crack or something," said Tracy.

She and her mother were startled, by what turned out to be a gun shot. The bullet hit the outside of their house, half of a wall away from Tracy and her mother.

"It shows you how powerful guns can be, I mean they are not anything to play around with," said Tracy.

Police say her neighbor wasn't playing around, but was cleaning his gun when it accidentally discharged. The bullet shot through his TV, wall, and was stopped by a stud in Tracy's house.

"We had this big wood post that was right where the bullet hit into, so it just all worked out everything was fine," said Tracy.

After the gun went off, the man who mistakenly shot the bullet called 911 and ran to see if anyone was hurt. "I know he cared and it was probably harder for them than it was for us," said Tracy.

She said the whole thing actually made her closer with her neighbor, and she just hopes he's more cautious next time.

"I was telling him in the future, just towards the back would be good. So, he was laughing and saying thats exactly what he planned on doing," said Tracy.

The man offered to pay for all of the damages done to Tracy's home.


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