Feb 17, 2013 9:14 PM

Lexington Man Films Dominican Fire While On Vacation

A Kentucky man's beach vacation came dangerously close to disaster last week.

A large fire threatened to burn his hotel down the day before he was scheduled to come home.

The fire was caught on camera by David Singleton, a Lexington man who was vacationing in Punta Cana. "You could hear the coconuts way up, they would start whining and then they would explode and explode into the ocean. I mean the fire was that hot," says Singleton.

The fire broke out this past week in the Dominican Republic. "The fire completely engulfed restaurants, homes, it ended up burning through the night," remembers Singleton.

Singleton just happened to be taking pictures of a model he'd met for work named Amanda Weronika when he saw the fire.

"On the last shot that we took, I turned the camera towards the beach and we saw this billowing black smoke," said Singleton.

Singleton continued to film, but then began to worry. Fire trucks weren't responding, news agencies report the fire burned for 12 hours. In the meantime, Singleton and his fellow travelers were left to worry. "It was literally about a hundred feet from our beach bungalow," he says. "The winds were either going this way towards the shore or that way towards the shore. And thank God that day for us, they were going a little bit that way."

In the end, a restaurant, a club and a hotel resort were destroyed by the fire. Singleton says he'll no longer take firemen for granted. "There was no fire crew coming. There was no sign of any kind of help coming at all," he says.

Tourists told media at the time many people lost all their belongings in the fire.

David Singleton is a photographer and music producer in Lexington, and is the CEO of EQuin Music LLC.


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