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Sep 2, 2012 7:21 PM by Kyle Scott

Lexington PAL's Robbelle Rogers

Things happen for a reason. Robbelle Rogers believes that. The former Eastern Kentucky football player is now an amateur boxing champion.

A life-changing moment took Rogers off the field and into the ring.

"I went to Eastern Kentucky for a couple years, but things didn't work out due to injury," Rogers explained. "One day I was working at a mattress store upstairs and someone was telling me there was a boxing gym around the corner. It's been about a year now [since I started boxing] and I won the world championship from Ringside. So far everything has been going great."

Things were not exactly going great prior to Robbelle's time in the ring, though. The injury he suffered that resulted in him leaving school had nothing to do with playing football. Rogers was at a community gathering when he found himself in the middle of an altercation.

"I don't know how the altercation end up coming together but a stranger approached me and I was provoked," Rogers said. "Of course, I didn't make the brightest decision and things weren't working out so I decided to initiate -- like I was going to fight. I found out the hard way that wasn't what I needed to be doing. Instead of walking away like I should have, he pulled a gun and shot me twice as I tried to run away."

Rogers was shot in his forearm and hip. It wasn't life-threatening, but certainly, a life-changing moment.

"I got another chance to make things right with my abilities," Rogers admitted. "It could have prevented me from doing so much. The bullet was probably two to three inches from my spine. It could have been worse. If that didn't happen I probably wouldn't be in the gym today."

And today, he's an amateur boxing champion with dreams of making a career out of the sport.

Rogers will also be making an appearance in a movie called Heart of a Champion. He'll be in Florida in a couple weeks to shoot his part in the film.


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