Oct 17, 2013 10:23 PM

Lexington Police Officer Investigated For Assaulting Teen Referee

A case of un-sportsmanlike conduct involving a Lexington police officer and a 13-year-old boy refereeing a game is under investigation. The boy's lawyer said the off duty officer assaulted the teen after a ten-and-under soccer game in Scott County.

The teen's lawyer, Oliver Barber, said the parent in this case simply got out of control and grabbed the teen, twisted his arm and left him traumatized. Barber is also the Chairman of the Kentucky Referee Committee and has seen parents get angry, but never like this.

"You don't go grabbing a 13 year old boy who is a referee on a soccer field," said Barber. That is something a parent should never do, but it's especially troubling when it's a police officer who is accused of taking things too far.

"It made a chill go down my back because this is exactly the kind of person who should not do this," said Barber. So, he and the teen's parents filed a complaint with the Scott County Sheriff's Department.

Lexington Police say they're aware that Officer Keith Spears is under investigation in Scott County.

"If the sheriff doesn't file a charge then we will," said Barber. He said the incident started during Wednesday night's game when the officer was mad about a call and began yelling and harassing the ref.

"The young referee said you have to pipe down or I will have to ask you to leave, which he is in his rights to do," said Barber. The teen told his lawyer that the officer attacked him after the game.

"This gentleman hardly acting as a gentleman at the time comes up behind him grabs his arm and twists his arm," said Barber. LEX 18 News asked what the officer said in that moment and Barber said "let's see you throw me out now punk."

Barber said a group of parents had to pull the man away, however the damage was done. "We are not claiming that he has a broken arm broken leg, that there was any blood, but we're saying he was traumatized," said Barber.

The officer is under investigation for a misdemeanor. Barber said an incident like this should never happen again, and the teen deserves an apology. Whatever happens though, he hopes a lesson is learned.

"It's a sport, its fun, relax and enjoy it," said Barber.

LEX 18 News crews went to Keith Spear's home to see if he wanted to tell his side of the story, however our crews were asked to leave.

The Scott County Sheriff's Department and the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association said the incident is under investigation.

The teen's lawyer said the officer will not be allowed to attend games for a long time.


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