Dec 27, 2013 5:25 PM

Lexington Teen Accidentally Shoots Self

A 19-year old Lexington teen was cleaning a gun when it went off hitting him in the hip, Friday afternoon.

A friend of the victim who was in the house at the time said the teen was cleaning his girlfriend's small handgun that she got for Christmas, and didn't know there was a bullet loaded in the chamber when he pulled back the slide, making the gun go off.

Maggie Evans said the girlfriend was taking a nap in the bed next to the teen when the accident happened.

"He got a gun cleaning kit this morning and was excited to open it up and clean it out," Evans said.

Evans says she was also asleep in another room in the home when she woke up to a loud "bang."

"And my husband told me that he thought he heard a gunshot go off," she said.

Maggie says the girlfriend was frantic.

"I heard screaming and what sounded like my friend was making a phone call to the police," she said.

Evans says she is a certified nursing assistant and could put some pressure on the wound until he was sent to the hospital.

Police say the victim was transported to UK Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


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