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Apr 23, 2013 1:48 PM

Lexington Woman Apologizes To Elderly Woman For Stealing Credit Cards

A Lexington woman has apologized after racking up nearly $3,000 in purchases on an elderly woman's credit card.

LEX 18 first brought you this story Sunday and showed you surveillance pictures taken from inside a Lexington Walmart. The pictures show Mabel Sifuentes, April Jasso and Todd Thomas buying hundreds of dollars worth of items on a credit card the group allegedly stole from their employer.

Police say they also used the card to take a trip to Florida. after our story aired on LEX 18 Sunday, Sifuentes reached out to us to tell her side of the story and apologize. "I guess I wasn't thinking, " she said. "I was at fault. I am an adult and I do have an adult mind and I did make a mistake. I will pay back everything that I am guilty of."

Sifuentes says the trip to Florida was not a vacation, but a trip to pick up her belongings as she moved to Lexington.

Regardless she says that she will take responsibility for her actions in court later this month.


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