Oct 25, 2012 10:39 PM

Lincoln County Woman Charged with Murder, Accused of Shooting Husband in His Sleep

A Lincoln County woman with family ties to the former Judge Executive is in jail Thursday night, charged with murder. She's accused of shooting her husband, David Richie, while he was asleep. It happened at a home on New Lane in Waynesburg.

All too often in a small town, some tragedies hit close to home for Sheriff Curt Folger.

"I've known David for a while, and both the [suspect] and the victim are from very good families, and it's a shame that it's come to this, for what reason I don't know right now," says Folger. "I've known Dave all his life. I've known his father and brother. He was a good guy."

David and Tamara Richie had been married for twenty-seven years. Both from prominent families, Tamara Richie's brother-in-law is the former Judge Executive of Lincoln County, Buckwheat Gilbert. The Richies lived in a picture-perfect house, but Thursday morning the serenity of their home was shattered.

Sheriff Folger says he got a call at 7:30 am from Tamara Richie's sister, saying Richie told her she had shot her husband. Deputies say they found David Richie's lifeless body in the bedroom. He'd been shot once in the head while he was asleep.

"At the scene it didn't look like there'd been any altercation at all," says Sheriff Folger.

When deputies arrested Richie at her sister's house, they say she did not want to give a statement.

The Sheriff says he can't recall law enforcement being called out to the house before, except for about six years ago for a report that David Richie had been shot, but that was ruled accidental. As for today's shooting,

"Whenever you get a call like that, you just wonder why. That's a question that has not been answered."

Investigators say they recovered the handgun they believe was used in the murder. Tamara Richie is being held at the Lincoln County Regional Jail. No bond has been set. The Sheriff says she will undergo psychological testing. David Richie's body has been taken to Frankfort for an autopsy.


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