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May 17, 2013 10:45 PM

Local Man Lives In Wy. Town Where Fugitive Was Captured

A former marine from Woodford County lives in Laramie, Wyoming, where fugitive rapist, John Buckley IV was captured Wednesday.

Nathan Noble tells LEX 18 he used to be friends with Buckley when the two lived in Lexington.

Noble is a kicker for the University of Wyoming football team, who says he's had no contact with Buckley since 2012, but wonders why Buckley was in his town, hundreds of miles from Lexington.

"You think that you have a general understanding of the character of the person, then something like this happens, and you say there is so much more to him... a completely different side," Noble told LEX 18 over the phone.

Noble met the former army ranger through veteran functions in Lexington.

"We connected on a different level because we had a certain understanding of what each other had been through in the Middle East," Noble says.

So you can imagine how shocked he was when he heard his old friend was surrounded and captured by U.S. Marshals on the interstate, in the same town where Noble lives.

"Something like this happens and you start to run through everything in your head. Whether he'd been there for two months, three months, or two days, Laramie is such a small town that our paths had to have been very close to crossing."

Coincidence? Who knows what Buckley was thinking.

Noble says he hasn't talked to him in two years, and didn't learn about what happened until family and friends called to say Laramie, Wyoming, made the Lexington news.


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