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Oct 30, 2012 9:52 PM

Local Red Cross Volunteers Travel to New Jersey

Tonight, nearly 8-million people are without power due to Sandy.
With so many people displaced, the Red Cross is working to make sure everyone is clothed, fed and sheltered. Stepping up to the plate to help? Local volunteers.

Clean-up is underway after Sandy blew through much of the East Coast. Hardest hit, New Jersey. En route there tonight, two Red Cross volunteers from Kentucky.

"You can't describe what you expect to see, it just we don't know. You just go and hope for the best," explained Don McGowan, a Red Cross Volunteer.

Disaster Relief Aides, Don Cheatham and Don McGowan will be located in North Brunswick, New Jersey. They'll be working in shelters full of evacuated people.

"They'll have cots set up, a kitchen and folks that will be in their sleeping and we'll be in there feeding them and taking care of them," stated Don Cheatham, a volunteer.

Offering a hand to those in need, some at the darkest point in their lives.

"It's a little hard to understand how they can cope with it, I guess you might say. We find that most of the people are in pretty good spirits even though they're out of their home and have lost their property, more than likely," explained Cheatham.

The Dons' agree, being a part of a natural disaster is an experience like no other.

"It's that rush, I guess. It's a disaster, it's bad for the other people, but that's just what you live to take care of," exclaimed McGowan.

"My wife and I wanted to get into something where we could help folks. We ended up with the Red Cross and we've been very happy with it, it's a very rewarding experience to get out and help people," said Cheatham.

Giving back when it seems as though Mother Nature, has turned her back.

According to the Red Cross more than 11,000 people are calling shelters, their home.


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