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Nov 12, 2012 4:55 PM

Local Veteran Gets New Home

In light of today's observance of Veterans Day, a lot of businesses are giving away fre services and free food to vets. But one group decided to take it up a notch.

What better way to thank a veteran than by giving him a new home, custom built for his family from the ground up.

"I'll tell you what, God blesses!" says Kenyata Johnson, a retired Sgt with the United States Marine Corps.

You could say we're blessed to have had Sgt Johnson serving this country. He was in Iraq for war and humanitarian tours. During one tour his platoon was ambushed and he was wounded. "I also have experiences with friends that didn't make it back. So on Veterans Day, remembering those friends always stand out in my mind," says Sgt. Johnson.

To ease his mind, the Home Builders Association of Lexington teamed up with numerous contractors to build a home. It's a project called "Home Builders Care."

"In a pool of applicants we had for disabled veterans in our community he came out on top," says Todd Johnson, Home Builders Association of Lexington.

Mainly because Johnson is determined to get a counseling degree so he can help other veterans as they too make the transitional journey from military life to life at home. "Being able to be back home wholesome and have an event like today definitely helps with a lot of progress," says Sgt. Johnson.

This is the first time Home Builders Association of Lexington has built a home for a veteran. They hope to do it again next year.


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