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Dec 4, 2012 11:00 PM

Louisville Cheerleader Who Suffered Five Story Fall, Well Enough To Go Home

It's been nearly two months since a former Christian Academy grad fell from a fifth floor apartment window while attending college at Penn State. Paige just started speaking about a month ago. Her parents are calling this an early Christmas gift.

To be home for the holidays is something the Raque family isn't taking for granted this year. Nearly two months after Paige fell five stories onto cement, suffering brain trauma and broken legs, she's now well enough to go home.

For the first time since the accident, Paige is speaking publicly:

"I remember before the accident, we had a cookout for my brother's gymnastic team. It was a family weekend. We all went to the cookout, that was the last thing I remember."

The Penn State cheerleader plans to go back to school in the fall. She'll have a walker, and doctors have high hopes she'll soon be able to walk on her own.

"She is now putting weight down on both legs and will have full weight bearing ability in the near future. She is showing significant signs of improvement in her thinking and memory," says Darryl Kaelin, Paige's doctor at the Frazier Rehab Institute in Pennsylvania.

For most of Paige's recovery, family has stayed by her side in Pennsylvania. Mom robyn says she couldn't be more proud of her daughter's fight: her spirit off the field.

"We had a PA come in and say, 'I'm speechless...just speechless.' He said I thought she wouldn't even be at this level in six months," says Robyn Raque, Paige's mom.

Paige will return home Wednesday with her family.


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