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May 20, 2013 5:53 PM

Madison Central's Quan Taylor Overcomes

Madison Central's Ken-jah Bosley and Quan Taylor signed letters of intent on Monday, May 20.
Bosley signed with Kentucky Wesleyan and Taylor with the reigning NAIA champs -- Georgetown.

To say Taylor has overcome a lot to get to where he's going is putting it lightly.

"We probably had more meetings in this office with Quan Taylor than any player I've ever had in 27 years of coaching," Madison Central head coach Allen Feldhaus said with a laugh.

Quan Taylor's ability is undeniable. And his personality is unpredictable.

"Well, it's just like the semifinal tournament game and he shows up late. Over something stupid -- because he wanted to buy those neon green socks," Feldhaus recalled. "But you have to deal with that because we don't let anyone else get away with that. That's why we sat him on the bench for the first 4 or 5 minutes of the game and make sure he learns his lesson. I didn't give him any choice that night he was coming home with me because we were not going to be late for that final game."

Teams describe themselves as families all the time, but the Indians backed it up.
Taylor stayed at Coach's house or with teammates on a regular basis.

"I stay with Dominique on and off sometimes, because I don't really have a home," Taylor stated. "Losing my mom -- she's in jail right now. That's why I'm moving around everywhere."

"She has been in prison for a couple years now. [His] dad is not really in the picture. He's pretty much left up to relatives... he's basically been on his own," Feldhaus explained.

But Quan has persevered.

"[I] just try to stay in line and show my little brother I'm a good role model. And be a good role model for him," Taylor said. "It's not just one person [that's helped me], it's the coaching staff at Central and just the staff, in general -- teachers, principals, everybody at Madison Central."


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