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Feb 21, 2013 8:38 PM

Madison County Father Starts Restaurant Delivery Service In Memory of Daughter

After a heartbreaking loss, Madison County father Jeffrey Davis is channeling his pain into making a positive difference in his community.

Eight-year-old Caya Davis died in a swingset accident in May 2012. She suffered a head injury after taking a tumble off the swing. Bianca Spinosa sat down with Caya's father about the restaurant delivery service he started in memory of his daughter.

The orders keep coming in daily at "The Starving Monkey" restaurant delivery service since it's launch earlier this year.

"This is going to give the community something positive. Even if it's just for that thirty minutes it takes to eat the food," says Jeffrey Davis, the founder of "The Starving Monkey."

Picking up hot quality meals from area restaurants and delivering them to folks at home in Madison County is more than a business to the Davis family. It's also a mission inspired by a little girl who inspired others.

"I miss her so badly every day. This allows me to honor her every minute of the day," says Jeffrey Davis.

Caya was a budding artist who loved drawing pictures of monkeys. They were her favorite animals ever since reading Curious George.

"Caya loved monkeys. She had 30 to 40 stuffed monkeys," says Davis.

After the tragic accident, her father did some soul-searching. He had been in the food industry for 22 years. He says with the help of God, all paths seemed to lead to fulfilling a need to provide a service in the community that wasn't there.

"I think with me always trying to be positive, and thinking, and honoring, it's helping me heal," says Davis.

The delivery SUV is hard to miss with its distinct monkey logo, and feedback is starting to pour in.

"I had a lady ask if I was the monkey, I said 'yes ma'am I'm the owner,' and she said 'my brother's got multiple sclerosis and he doesn't cook, and this is just phenomenal,'" says Davis.

It's helping the Davis family, knowing Caya is constantly being remembered.

"This monkey is on her headstone. It's there. The more we spread this monkey out there, he's becoming known," says Davis. He's certain Caya is close by. "She's smiling down on us from heaven."

"The Starving Monkey" delivery hours are Monday through Saturday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm anywhere in Madison County.

Participating restaurants are Captain D's, Jackson's Restaurant, Lee's Famous Recipe, Maroon's Bar and Grill, Masala Fine Indian Cuisine, Nuevo Vallarta, and Sonic. To place an order call 859-420-7685 and "The Starving Monkey" will pick it up and deliver your order fresh to your door.

To place an order or make a donation go to http://www.thestarvingmonkey.com/index.php or email
jeff.davis@thestarvingmonkey.com. They also can be found on Facebook.


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