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Mar 4, 2013 6:32 PM by Josh Breslow

Magoffin County Dad Missing For Almost A Week

Family members of a missing Magoffin County father of two say they fear the worst after their loved one disappeared almost a week ago.

"Waiting for answers, it's miserable," said Tiffany Lambert, whose brother, 29-year-old Freddy Brown hasn't been seen or heard from since last Wednesday night. Lambert says their mother watched Brown leave with friends.

"She [saw] my brother run and she's like 'what's going on?' and he said 'go in the house mom. I'll tell you in a minute.' And that's the last time she spoke to him," Lambert said.

Five days have passed. The 29-year-old's truck hasn't moved. Lambert says the CD player was torn from the vehicle and the man's keys were left inside.

"Why can't nobody give a straight answer of where my brother was last seen?" Lambert asked. "It just don't add up. He would've called me if something was wrong. He would call me or my mother. That's why we're worried. He hasn't contacted us."

Crews have searched the area of Johnson Fork Road. That search was suspended for the day and the sheriff says it could resume as early as Tuesday.

Brown's family says some people in the area know him as "Freddy Howard."

The sheriff tells LEX 18 that investigators have not ruled out foul play. If you have any information, contact the Magoffin County Sheriff's Office.


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