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Jan 8, 2013 5:35 PM by Josh Breslow

Magoffin County Man Murdered One Day Before His Wedding

Investigators have released the 911 call made Monday afternoon after a Magoffin County father of two, set to be married Tuesday, was shot and killed.

49-year-old Donnie Allen was found in the yard outside his Salyersville home on Route 40, where investigators said he had been dead for several hours.

Dispatcher: "911, what is your emergency?"
Caller: "Yeah, there's some people here just now that said there's somebody dead over there behind Donnie's."

Dispatcher: "The dead body's supposed to be behind that..."
Caller: "...the barn."
Dispatcher: "behind the, the wooden barn?"
Caller: "Yeah, that's what he said. Now, I told him I wasn't going over there."

Dispatch: "Who came in there and told you that someone was supposed to be dead over there?"
Caller: "Somebody. I don't know who he was. Some kin to this woman beside of me."

The caller, who identified himself as Allen's neighbor said he later discovered the person who came to him and told him Allen was dead was Daniel Hackworth, the man charged with murdering Allen.

"I've always been proud of Donnie," said Toddie Preston, Allen's brother-in-law. "Stuff like this shouldn't happen. We shouldn't have to go through this."

"He's my best friend. He's the best friend I ever had," said Janie Mulkey, the victim's sister. "I'm gonna miss him. I'm gonna miss him."

Allen's family described him as an outdoorsy man who loved to fish and hunt and also loved his two boys.

"He's gonna be gone forever. It's just the memories. It's tragic. Tragic," said Preston.

Salyersville Police said Hackworth was drunk when he killed Allen.

Hackworth declined LEX 18's request for an interview from the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center.


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