Feb 26, 2013 5:18 PM

Mail Thefts On the Rise in Lexington

Get your mail today? If you aren't getting your mail deliveries, it may have nothing to do with the Post Office. Authorities have been investigating a disturbing trend in Lexington involving thefts from your doorstep.

Who doesn't look forward to coming home to a delivery on the front porch? But lately, some packages have been disappearing after they're delivered.

"People ordered things, and they never turned up, and in some cases these items would turn up in pawn shops," explains Sherelle Roberts, Lexington Police Department spokesperson.

In our busy lives, thinking about our mail getting stolen may not cross our minds,

"I haven't worried about it before. I thought about it," says William Gates, who lives near Liberty Road, an area where many mail thefts have been reported.

But Lexington Police want you to be aware. On February 12th, Police arrested 24-year-old Allan Whitaker, 31-year-old Brian Ryder, and 25-year-old Eden Bishop for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of stolen packages in the Hartland neighborhood and neighborhoods near Hamburg.

"We saw a mix of parcels of all kinds being stolen," says Roberts.

Even after the arrests, area post offices continue to get complaints that mail has been stolen.

"Just because we arrest one group of people responsible for doing something doesn't mean there aren't others out there doing it," says Roberts.

So here are some tips: have a neighbor keep the delivery at their place, leave a note for the delivery person to put the mail in a secure place, or have the delivery made to your workplace if you will not be home to receive it.

"I've thought about having stuff sent [to work], because there the mailman delivers it right to us instead of here, where I may not be here," says Gates.

Stealing mail is a federal offense, and postal inspectors can prosecute.


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