Making A Difference

Jun 30, 2014 7:01 PM

Making A Difference: Army Veteran Saves Parade

The officials in city of Liberty had decided there would be no Fourth of July parade because of a "lack of interest."

It was news to retired Army Staff Sgt. Glen Phillips, who was shocked to hear and felt it was his duty to rescue the holiday.

"That we're not going to celebrate our independence that we declared 238 years ago, that's wrong," he said.

Though there was no parade, city officials said they had some smaller events planned for the holiday but Staff Sgt. Phillips took it upon himself to make sure it would be a day children wouldn't forget.

"We decided to have a parade to have a celebration for our children," he said.

Phillips was in the Army for 18 years and said this is a holiday that's very dear to his heart.

He said Casey County is a place that's full of servicemen who need to be honored.

"Some of them were teachers of mine at school some of them were just friends," Phillips said.

For him it's important to pass down the meaning of the holiday to children and hopes one day they'll stand up for it too.

"We don't stand for ourselves, we more stand for the folks that cannot stand the ones in the past," he said.

Phillips, along with other volunteers he recruited, only had eight days to plan everything. He said next year it's going to be bigger and better.


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