Making A Difference

Jan 3, 2014 4:29 PM

Making A Difference: Little Book Has Big Message

A Lexington based author is taking his own life lessons and passing them on to a younger generation.

The book is called "Little Bird Gets His Wings," and it comes with a big message that the author hopes makes a difference.

A father turned author, Shannon Barnes, hopes his kids are just two of the many who receive his message.

"Always shine your brightest and always trust your wings," Barnes said.

Barnes, who writes poetry as a hobby, put his words to paper and wrote his first children's book. The short story centers around a baby bird who's trying to fit in with a family of ostriches. It isn't until he grows up that he realizes he has his own set of wings and it's OK that they're different.

"Hopefully through reading the book, they'll have a mental image and know that anytime you need to, you can shed what's your past and become who you genuinely are," he said.

Barnes has donated several of his books to the Bluegrass Domestic Violence Shelter and has plans to publish many more, tackling social issues while raising money for charity.

"I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from it, and just heard that it's inspirational. And that's always good to hear," Barnes said.

And Barnes is hoping to have his next book out by this April. In the meantime, you can pick this one up at shops around town like the Morris Book Shop in Chevy Chase, at The Center Lex Yoga studio and


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