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Jul 2, 2013 3:09 PM

Making A Difference: Man Continues To Fulfill Brother's Last Wish Of $500 Tips

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It's a story we've been following for the past year - a Lexington man who's dedicating his life to honoring his brother's last wish.

You may remember Seth Collins, who's making a difference by giving $500 dollar tips to servers all over the country. LEX 18's Julie Dolan caught up with him about half way through his journey.

It's still hard for Seth Collins to believe that a year has passed since he lost his brother, whose heart abruptly stopped beating. It was too late to save Aaron, but as time passes, the family is finding it's never too late to honor him.

Seth is now traveling the country to carry out Aaron's last wish. He's giving a $500 tip to at least one waiter or waitress in all 50 states. his goal is 100 tips.

One of the most recent and rewarding was given in Charleston, West Virginia. Seth says the recipient shared a similar story of loss, and the two became fast friends. Of the 54 tips given so far, the Collins' have seen how they all make a difference.

"There was one here in town actually who was worried that he wasn't going to be able to make rent that month and he thought he was going to be homeless," said Seth.

The stories have had an international impact too, drawing donations from six continents. "And I cannot say enough what this has done for us," said Tina Collins, Aaron and Seth's mother. "Most people, when they lose a loved one their family grieves with them, their friends grieve with them and we've had the whole world to grieve with us. So, that's pretty special."

And that special journey will continue through Seth, as he plans to pack up his car this week and head west.

To learn more about Aaron's last wish, visit the website,


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