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Jul 14, 2014 6:53 PM

Family: Man Declared Dead Is Actually Alive

A Central Kentucky family says the VA Hospital in Lexington made a major mix-up. They tell LEX 18 that the hospital declared their loved one dead, days ago. However, that family tells us that man is still alive.

Jennifer Dunn tells LEX-18 that she woke early Thursday morning to find her husband, Danny Dunn, was unconscious. He was taken over to a hospital in Harrodsburg, then flown to the VA Hospital here in Lexington.

Dunn was then allegedly told by hospital staff that her husband was deceased. "I asked him if I could go back in there one more time before I left and when I went back in there, the man had a heart rate and blood pressure was holding good and everything," she said.

Four days later, Danny's wife says he is doing much more than breathing on his own.

"He squeezed my hand when I asked him to. He opened his eyes when I asked him to. And he grabbed my hand, last night, like this, and he pulled with strength," said Dunn.

Now the family's main goal is to have Danny Dunn moved to another facility.

Lexington's VA Hospital released a statement to LEX 18, though they would not comment on the specific situation. The statement reads: "Veterans can have confidence that our staff of dedicated and professional providers is committed to working with them and their families to honor their wishes and support their needs."

For right now, Dunn's family says they just want answers.

"They said his soul was gone and that he wasn't living no more. That he was gone long before we got him there... I mean we're just looking for answers and they won't give us any," said Dunn's son, Tyler.


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