Sep 23, 2012 7:11 PM

Man Injured In Motorcycle Accident

A man is in the hospital after crashing his motorcycle in east Lexington.

It happened when a man lost control of his motorcycle in a curve on Spurr Road and crashed through a fence. Investigators say Joseph Jennings crashed his bike into a fence. A woman driving on Spurr Road noticed the crash and called for help.

But before first responders could rush Jennings to the hospital, they first had to free him from the fence he had crashed into.

"It's just a really weird situation, not like anything else we've ever seen," says Lt. Chris Van Brackel with Lexington Police.

Investigators say the bike crashed most of the way through a fence but there was still a board left on top, the man was caught between the back of his bike seat and the board and it was choking him.

"Because it is a Goldwing and it has a solid back seat, he was trapped between the board and the back of his motorcycle until crews were able to get here and away from that board," says Lt. Van Brackel.

Jennings was flown to UK Hospital where he is in critical condition. "He was wearing a helmet and riding gear, this was not even a high speed collision," says Lt Van Brackel. "It's just a really freak situation in how his body lined up with the board."

Police say it appears to be just an accident, no cars were involved.


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