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Jul 18, 2012 10:42 PM

Man's Body Pulled From Pond In Wolfe County

A developing story out of Wolfe County: search teams have pulled a body from a pond off Highway 2016.

Daniel Miller called police Wednesday evening when he noticed a body floating in Red Pay Lake. His home sits at the edge of the pond.

"There was two kids out here fishing and they come running in the house, 'There's a body in the lake!'," Miller said. "I swam out there, so I could see who it was, come up, told my wife to call the law, the law come out here, they brought a rescue team."

Miller knew who it was immediately, because the man was a missing friend.

"None of us have seen him since Monday evening... until now," Miller said.

The Wolfe County Coroner confirms the man is 31-year-old Robert Tolson Jr., but how he died is a mystery. Police are investigating his death as an accident, but Miller says he thinks his friend was killed.

"The night it happened, he jumped in the lake over here, the neighbor was shooting," Miller said.

He says he witnessed a fight between Tolson and a neighbor. Miller says someone in the area had it in for the guy.

"Robert Tolson can swim like a fish. Someone held him underwater, or he was shot."

The Wolfe County Coroner says the autopsy on Tolson will happen Thursday morning. Investigators should know more about how he died when that's completed.


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