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Nov 7, 2012 11:54 AM

Man Who Allegedly Shot At Michigan Drivers Has Kentucky Connection

The manhunt for a shooter who's allegedly taken aim at two dozen Michigan drivers has led to a man who recently moved from Kentucky.

According to multiple websites, Raulie Casteel was employed by an environmental consulting group in Spencer County. People in Casteel's rural Detroit area neighborhood call him quiet and say he just moved there with his wife about two months ago.

The Michigan task force assigned to investigating the 24 highway shootings say they are confident Casteel is responsible for the crime spree that has terrorized motorists since mid-October. The 43-year old's gun and car, which matches the description of the black 4-door vehicle used in the shootings, was seized when he was taken into custody Monday night.

Police say the shooter fired at drivers who passed him going the opposite direction. Out of all the shootings, only one driver was hit and his injuries were minor.

"You know to have something like that, I mean, it's very random, so you know it could have been us one day," said neighbor Brent Byer. "You know, who knows what would have happened if something would have escalated? It's good to know that hopefully they got the guy and unfortunately for the family, it's very sad because they're very nice people."

Casteel's mother told a Detroit newspaper that he moved to Taylorsville, Kentucky around 2005 and was the president of an environmental consulting company. She says Casteel, his wife and daughter moved back to Michigan last summer after his company dissolved and he couldn't find other work.


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