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Jan 30, 2013 9:56 PM

Marion County Mother and Son Released From Hospital After EF-0 Tornado

A Marion County woman and her son are home from the hospital after an EF-0 tornado tore through their mobile home on Calvary Road around 5:30 Wednesday morning. Seven-year-old Tyler Colvin had to get dozens of stitches in his foot.

As night fell, the wind picked up again right where the tornado tore the Colvin's mobile home off its foundation. Hearing the sound of wind was like reliving the disaster all over again for 32-year-old Pam Colvin. She and her son Tyler were released from the hospital around 1:30 pm Wednesday. Tyler has forty stitches in his foot from being thrown during the storm. He was in a back bedroom when the storm hit. His mother quickly ran for him and the other two children in the house.

"She just remembered being thrown, and she got up hearing her kids hollering and screaming, and she went to find them," says T.J. Colvin, Pam Colvin's nephew. "She was very worried about them and wanted to get them somewhere safe."

Pam Colvin and her children are staying with relatives near the home. She told me it really was a blur, and all she could remember thinking about was getting to her children.

Before having to seek shelter when winds picked up later Wednesday night, Colvin told LEX18 early this morning she was listening to her weather radio and thought the storms were supposed to die down and that she was in the clear. That's when it all hit at once. Her nephew T.J. next door ran to the bathroom for safety. His house, however, was spared.

"In the tub is where we all went. That's the safest place in the house. We ain't got a basement. That's the only place in the house that didn't have a window; only place in the house best to seek shelter," said T.J. Colvin.

He says the storm lasted about five to ten seconds, but it was the longest couple seconds of their lives.


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