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Sep 5, 2012 11:39 PM by Mary Jo Perino

Max Smith Was Surprised By No-Huddle Offense

UK offensive coordinator Randy Sanders said that he and Joker Phillips decided to run the no-huddle offense you saw on Sunday last year. It wasn't a snap decision. Sanders called every coach he knew who ran that type of system and ask for advice.

The thing is, he didn't tell Max Smith. Neither did Joker. Smith had no idea that no-huddle was going to be the plan in the spring. He just thought they were going to throw the ball a little more than they used to.

But that doesn't mean he's complaining.

"I love it. What quarterback doesn't want to throw the ball you know?" said Smith.

He threw 50 passes in the game against Louisville, completing 35 of them. For the most part, the no-huddle offense seemed to work.

"I didn't expect to throw the ball that many times my first game as the true starter, but it's awesome to throw the ball that many times. I don't know if my arm can take that many throws with all the practices every week but you know, we'll see," said Smith.



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