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Sep 25, 2012 8:49 PM by Kyle Scott

Meet Damien Harris

Madison Southern may have one of the best running backs in the state... and he's only a Sophomore.

The first time you see Damien Harris, it's hard to believe he's only in high school.

"I'll be honest, I thought he was a kid who had played here and came back to introduce himself to the staff," Head Coach Jon Clark admitted. "I haven't been around a young man like this even at the collegiate level. Freshman weren't coming in as physically gifted as he was at Auburn."

Clark's coaching experience spans every level -- from high school to the pros with the Atlanta Falcons. But just to make sure he wasn't being bias about Damien, Clark shared Damien's highlights with former colleagues.

"I started to throw around some names to guys I worked with at Auburn and said Damien is as developed as this kid and they're like no way," Clark explained. "Then they look at the film and they're like 'Whoa, he really is.'"

And colleges across the country are taking notice.

"I got a letter from Coach Clark from Oregon," Damien said. "As of right now, that's the biggest one to me."

Already with offers from Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan, just to name a few, it'd be easy for the attention to go to a 15-year olds' head.

"His mom has done an outstanding job of raising him there's no question about that," Clark said. "He's a moral kid, he has good character and he thinks about other people around him."
"She tells me, first of all not to let it get to my head and remember where I came from and remember I'm not there yet," Harris explained. "I still have room to improve and I can still get better."

Damien said, as of today, he and his mom have decided that he'll make his college decision in between his Junior and Senior year. In the mean time, he's trying to "block out" the recruiting process and focus on being a kid.


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