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Sep 1, 2012 9:26 PM

Memorial Built For Cyclist Killed In Accident

On the verge of overcoming an addiction, a Lexington man was killed while riding his bicycle this past Thursday. It happened along Russell Cave Road in Lexington. Now, his family and friends are putting a special memorial together, called a "Ghost Bike."

"It's a great loss for us," says Denise Kerr, the victim's wife. "My girls won't have the chance to know him now, as the person he really was."

The 'Ghost Bike' is painted in all-white. Denise and her two daughters came out to help paint the memorial bike which will be placed at the location where her husband, Rick Kerr, was killed.

"He was very giving towards other people. He had a basket on his bike, and he would go get things for other people," says Denise.

Police say Kerr was riding his bicycle behind Russell Cave Road when an SUV hit the 53-year-old, killing him.

His untimely death came just as Rick Kerr was turning his life around. "That's what makes this such a tragedy, he was just actually becoming the man that he had been before the alcohol took over," says Denise.

Kerr was overcoming a decade of debilitating alcoholism. His wife Denise credits part of Rick's recovery to "Broke Spoke," a volunteer organization that aims to empower people like Rick. "Their love and kindness and friendship towards Rick I think has just been one of the biggest reasons he had made such a strong turnaround," says Denise.

Rick's friends at Broke Spoke say making the memorial bike was the least they could do. They plan to place the Ghost Bike at the spot where Rick Kerr was killed, following a memorial ride.

The driver of Thursday's collision has not been charged.


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