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Mar 29, 2013 5:10 PM

Missing Calloway County Boys Wanted Sandwiches, A Bath When Found

A happy ending to the search for two Western Kentucky children who went missing in the woods of Calloway County Thursday afternoon.

For seven-year-old Ben Davis and his five-year-old brother Cameron Davis, the woods must have held endless possibilities for exploration and adventure. But they were soon about to realize, it can also be a dangerous place.

When they came home from school Thursday at 4 pm, they went outside to play, but they ended up getting lost. The weather was a chilly 47 degrees and rainy, and searchers had a hard time finding the boys in the rough terrain near Dunbar Road. A K-9 dog unit, ATVs, and search crews searched the wooded area in the darkness.

But it wasn't until daybreak, around 9:00 am, that a neighbor saw the boys four miles from their house, walking on a red dirt road. It was their path to rescue.

Their grandmother was overjoyed to see them. "Of course she just broke down once she could hold them," says Sheriff Bill Marcum of the Calloway County Sheriff's Department.

The boys told search crews that to stay warm they slept under a rock and covered themselves with leaves. After they were found they also told the Sheriff they wanted a hot bath and one said he wanted three sandwiches.

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