Oct 13, 2012 11:32 PM by Josh Breslow

Missing Cat Leads To Montgomery County Attempted Murder

Investigators say a Montgomery County woman tried to kill her neighbor over a missing cat.

Janie Grooms, 53, was arrested and charged with attempted murder, following a shooting incident Friday night on Twin Brook in Mount Sterling.

"I was thinking the worst because I saw all of the law and everything," described Kevin Grooms, the suspect's husband, recalling when he returned home Friday night.

"She was provoked," Grooms said. "She thinks the world of the cats. Me and her don't have no kids together. And she looks at them as her kids."

The Montgomery County Sheriff told LEX 18, there had been an ongoing issue involving the couple's pets. He said one of the cats caused damage to the neighbor's car, so that neighbor put out a live trap, catching the cat.

"If he had any issues with the cats, he should've come talk to me. Whatever it was, I would've took care of it," said Grooms. "He's done this twice with our cats and one cat I got back and one cat I didn't and he killed it."

Their cat was nowhere to be found. Friday night, Janie Grooms is accused of confronting the neighbor with a gun, then firing it at him repeatedly. The man apparently got away and wasn't hurt.

"The attempted murder charge is a little bit steep, by being that nobody was hurt. I think it should've been wanton endangerment," Kevin Grooms said.

The Grooms' neighbor was out of town. LEX 18 spoke off-camera with a close friend of his, who said, the Grooms' cat was not killed and it was all just a misunderstanding.


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