Aug 22, 2012 10:30 PM

Mom Says Shooting Suspect Son Is Innocent

Two Powell County men are behind bars, accused of carjacking and shooting a man. Wednesday, one of their mothers told LEX 18 her son is the victim in this story. Thelma Skidmore says police have it all wrong. She says her son, Michael Skidmore, was protecting his friend from a camper who turned the gun on them first.

It happened Monday night deep in the Red River Gorge. Police say 62 year old Simon Stacy was shot, then carjacked. The two men troopers say did it are Michael Skidmore and James Hunt. They were on the run until last night, when they turned themselves in.

"They're treating Hunt and Mike like Type A criminals. And I can't see that," Thelma says.

She says Stacy's story is bogus.

"The police is listening to his side, but not our side."

According to her son, Thelma says it's Stacy who started trouble.

"He said the guy pulled a pistol out from under his leg, put it between James' eyes and told him he was going to blow his brains out."

Thelma says her son says he grabbed another one of Stacy's guns and told him to get out of there, then Skidmore shot into the air. Police say Stacy was hit with buckshot. He was treated on scene Monday night, and released.

"He said I had no intentions of hitting nobody and he said then, I didn't know what else he had, so we ran," Thelma explains.

What about the carjacking? Thelma says her son didn't steal Stacy's car then abandon it. According to him, Stacy tried to drive away, and wrecked it himself.

"The guy wasn't hurt and if he pulled the gun first, looks to me they're more victims than he is," she says.

LEX 18 touched base with state police. They say they are confident with their investigation, and the assault charges against Skidmore and Hunt will stand. Investigators says Stacy is from Perry County. We were unable to reach him for comment.

On Tuesday, a witness told LEX 18 he saw Skidmore and Hunt crash the stolen car, then swim across the river and catch a ride.


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