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Feb 7, 2014 5:02 PM

More Details Released In 2010 Murder Of Scott County School Bus Driver

After police released the name of the second person arrested in the 2010 murder of a Scott County school bus driver, more details are emerging about that person and the man who was first identified and charged in the case.

Police released Ciji Jefferson's name Thursday, a week after she was arrested in connection to the murder of Sue Jones at the victim's home in 2010.

Jefferson is being charged with complicity to commit burglary, second degree. Police say she helped Nicholas Willinger, the man accused of robbing and murdering Jones, by telling him that Jones had money at her home and that she wouldn't be home the night of the crime. Police say Willinger killed the victim when he realized she was home.

Police say Jefferson, a neighbor who grew up just up the road from Jones and rode her school bus, went with Willinger to the home, then left with him and the two shared the stolen property.

Nicholas Willinger is in jail accused of robbery and murder. On Friday, LEX 18's reporter Leigh Searcy spoke with one of his ex-girlfriends who recalls an odd conversation she had with him.

LEX18 found a photo of the two accused on Facebook, just months after the murder.

Willinger's ex-girlfriend said she found it was always hard to get Willinger to "open up," but claims he told her "he had done some really bad things in his life."

She says that conversation haunted her after his arrest.

On Willinger's Facebook page, he posted that he attended "Juggalo University of Murder."

Juggalos are fans of a hip-hop duo called the Insane Clown Posse. In recent years, several crimes like robbery and murder have been attributed to these fans.


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