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Sep 25, 2012 6:06 PM

More Than 20 Severely Malnourished Horses Rescued

A Nicholas County horse rescue is sending out a desperate plea for help as they take in nearly two-dozen severely malnourished horses.

The horses are coming from Tennessee, but one Kentucky man is committed to nursing them back to health.

The details of this story are disturbing.

Christopher Takacs is the owner of the Buckland Equine Rescue in Nicholas County. He is preparing to take in a few more residents. But the Arabian horses he's expecting, will need lots of TLC.

"With the amount of weight they've lost, its got to be 3 or 4 months since they've had anything substantial to eat," says Takacs. But therein lies another problem: food.

"We need hay, we need donations so we can buy feed," says Takacs.

Buckland Equine Rescue is sending out a plea for help, and lots of it. Takacs knows it's not going to be easy. "We've got to push through winter, we've got to put weight back on these guys."

But Takacs is hopeful, that one day the horses coming from Tennessee will soon join his other rescues and live happy and healthy lives.

With the public's help, he knows that's possible. Make a tax-deductible donation through their PayPal account using their email address: bucklandequinerescue@gmail.com or visit their Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/equinerescue.

The horses are expected to arrive Thursday or Friday.


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