Nov 13, 2012 6:28 PM

Residents In More Than 30 States Sign Online Secession Petitions

It's making national headlines. Residents from more than 30 states, including Kentucky, are filing online petitions asking to secede from the federal government.

The petitions have been filed since the election online through the White House's own "We The People" program. The Kentucky petition alone has more than 12,000 signatures so far.

"Here we are 150 years after the Civil War and we're facing the same issues fought and decided by the Civil War," says James Klotter, the State Historian of Kentucky and a History Professor at Georgetown College.

But is history repeating itself?

"The Supreme Court basically ruled in 1869 that secession was illegal, and that's been the ruling in existence ever since that time," says Klotter.

It's not the petitions that are new.

"There have been petitions since the beginning."

The difference now is the medium of the message.

"Anybody can sign in and do things. In earlier times it was an organized effort that took a lot of time and money and effort. Today it's relatively simple," explains Klotter.

In fact, it's only a click away. The Texas petition has the most, with more than 80,000 signatures, though Governor Rick Perry is distancing himself from the petition and says nothing should be done to change the union.

Klotter says some of Kentucky, and the nation's, greatest political leaders, Abraham Lincoln and Henry Clay settled this matter long ago.

"We voted...and people agreed with the majority with one exception: the Civil War, and that was a bloody exception that cost us over 600,000 lives."

On the White House website it says petitions will be reviewed and a response will be issued if they reach the threshold of 25,000 in 30 days.


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