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Apr 21, 2014 7:46 PM

Morgan County Tree Nursery Reopens After 2012 Tornadoes

More than two years after tornadoes hit the area, a tree farm is celebrating its reopening.

The tornadoes in March 2012 caused more than $3 million in damage to the Morgan County Tree Nursery.

In the time since, many homes and businesses have been rebuilt but the damage done to the nursery was a much longer process.

The toppled trees on the mountains still show the direct path the tornado took that day.

The nursery is responsible for growing seedlings that will one day be planted as trees. The nursery lost seven of the nine building on the property.

"We had trees and we had seedlings packed in the cooler at the time of the tornado and we lost close to 450,000 trees at once," Charles Saunders of the Morgan County Tree Nursery said.

Governor Steve Beshear, along with many from the Kentucky Division of Forestry, officially cut the ribbon for a new building on the farm.

A single building that replaces the seven they lost and that will allow them to produce even more seedlings than before.

"It is amazing that we are going to be able to do so much more and how much easier it is going to be," Saunders said.

And the best thing about having this nursery rebuilt is that these seedlings will eventually be planted along the countryside of the town hit by the tornadoes.

"With these seedlings that we will produce right here in the nursery, we will be reforesting these hillsides that we scarred by this tornado," Saunders said.


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