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Jan 31, 2011 8:43 PM by Alan Cutler

Mossakowski Talks To LEX 18 Sports: Both Easy And Tough To Leave

Where ever Ryan Mossakowski goes, I will root for him.

For today, he is staying at UK finishing up the semester because it makes no sense to leave school and transfer with the semester already going on.

The decision for the backup quarterback was both easy and tough.

"It was both," says the former backup quarterback at UK.

"It was tough because I love Lexington and I love the fans. But you have to do what's best for you at the end of the day. It's tough leaving a place where you put a lot of hard work in."

Joker tried to keep him.

"He was surprised, He wanted me to stay but I think he understands and I think Coach Sanders understands, but I think they were surprised.

"He wanted me to stay, and it's tough for me to leave, and I know they will do fine, and it's a small minor hiccup that they quickly overcome."

"I have a lot of respect for Coach Phillips and Coach Sanders."

This decision to leave UK didn't just pop up. Mossakowski never through a pass this season. His brother gave him sound advice.

"Me and my brother had a conversation about a week ago. He said your friends who are truly your friends will back you 100%. My brother told me you will find out who your friends are."

You never heard a bad word about Mossakowski.

"Leaving all my friends is going to be tough. I basically built a life here. All the players, all the people in the Cats (academic) program. I am going to miss them because they've done everything they could do for me. They helped out tremendously."

Ryan would rather not sit out a second season. He is thinking about division 1-AA where he could play next fall, but if the right situation popped up in Division One, he would sit out another year.

He's both excited and a little scared. All that is natural. Doesn't matter that he was a High School All-American.

"I'm about to pull out my hair right now. I have learned a whole lot through the whole process. It made me a better football player."

Good luck to a classy young man.


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