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Nov 30, 2012 5:44 PM by Josh Breslow

Mother Of Deadly Crash Victim Says Manslaughter Charge "Not Good Enough"

A Magoffin County man who suffered life-threatening injuries in a crash that killed his passenger has now been charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Police said Jonathan Keeton, 29, was drunk and driving almost 20 miles over the speed limit in July, when he wrecked on Interstate 75 in Boone County, killing Connie Sutherland, 31.

"My baby ain't gonna be here. My daughter's never coming back," said Jerri Allen, Sutherland's mother, who wears a picture of her daughter close to her heart.

Sutherland is buried right outside of Allen's home in Magoffin County:.

"I cry everyday. This is all I have to come to. I don't have her anymore," Allen said.

Sutherland's family identified Keeton as Sutherland's sister's fiance.

"He was a wonderful guy. He was a great guy. I mean I couldn't tell you how long it'd been since he drank," said Allen.

While Keeton has been indicted on several charges, including manslaughter, Allen feels there is no charge strong enough for what has happened: "What he is facing, is not good enough because there's never enough justice when you lose one of your children. They bury us, we don't bury them."

LEX 18 reached out to Jonathan Keeton to get his side of the story. The staff at the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center originally said he wanted to talk, but when our crew arrived, we were told he had changed his mind.


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