Murder Investigation

Aug 26, 2013 10:31 PM

Murder Victim's Family Pickets For Justice

Nearly one year after a Southern Kentucky woman was stabbed to death, her family picketed outside the courthouse, while her alleged killer faced a judge inside.

Pamela Sue Bobbitt's family not only wants to remember Pamela, and show the man behind bars that she was loved, but also stop future domestic violence.

"We are not going to put up with a murderer, we are not going to put up with domestic violence," said Bobbitt's mother-in-law, Shirley Philpot. Loved ones of Pamela preached outside the Laurel County Courthouse Monday.

"We were saying justice for Pam," said Angel Bobbitt, Pamela's sister-in-law. They marched with signs and proudly wore their purple shirts, all for the same reason. "In my eyes it's to keep her alive and raise awareness for domestic violence," said Angel.

"Pretty much get the word out it could happen to anybody, you know an abusive relationship, nobody deserves to be beat on... Murdered," said Pamela's husband, Chris Bobbitt.

Pamela had a close relationship with her husband, even after they were separated. Her family said Pamela was killed by her then boyfriend, Sean Messer, in front of her two children and sister. Now, nearly one year later, the loss is just as hard for all of Pamela's family.

"I have three kids by her, I love her and I miss her. And I won't be able to see her again and my kids won't be able to see her," said Chris.

On Monday Messer's trial was set for November 12th. Pamela's family plans to show up then in similar fashion. "I want 200, 400, as many people as we can get out there to be out there to picket while the trial is going on. To be there all day and let him know we are not giving up until we get justice," said Philpot.

"Telling people if you are in an abusive relationship get out and get away because it could happen to you," added Chris.

Pamela's family said they're speaking up so forcefully because she no longer can.

Sean Messer will be back in court for a pre-trial hearing in October. The family will also be there picketing.


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