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Jan 27, 2013 9:04 PM

Murder Victim's Family Seeking Answers

It's been one month and one day since a Louisville man was killed. His loved ones are still searching for closure. 20-year-old Charles Fambrough was shot and killed Christmas morning. Those who knew him gathered at the same spot he was murdered, to plea for answers.

Charles Fambrough's body was found on Portland Avenue in Louisville in the wee hours of Christmas morning, just a few hours after his friend, Dante Newsome, was murdered on a front porch not far away.

Someone has been arrested in Newsome's case, now Fambrough's family is praying for the same results.

"I can't tell my son that his dad was murdered. It's not right," says Megan Brown, the victim's girlfriend. She says she can't imagine how she'll one day tell her 15-month-old son William that his dad was gunned down.

Last month has been rough for the family. William can't sleep unless he has his father's picture in his hand. "They took life from all of us, the people that did this murdered the whole family," says Brown.

Community activist, Christopher 2-X organized a gathering, attended by family, desperately searching for answers.

"Somebody, if anybody knows anything, please contact us, please," pleads the victim's mother, Barbara Fambrough.

Charles Fambrough was riding his bike when he was killed.

"Don't let me sit around here not knowing nothing. I want to know why, I want to know who done it. I just miss my boy," says his mother.

His family believes he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, a victim of mistaken identity.

"None of us are going to be the same, none of the family. None of us see brighter days, I want to know who did this," says Fambrough.

If you have any information, call police.


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