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Apr 24, 2013 10:20 PM

Mystery Horse On Bourbon Co. Farm

A Bourbon County horse owner is trying to solve a mystery that could end up costing her thousands of dollars.

Marilyn Montavon says someone apparently dropped off a stud on her farm, and he impregnated at least seven of her mares. The food and vet bills are mounting, and Montavon is angry.

To feed, board, and take care of these horses, isn't cheap, and Montavon owns nearly 20 of them. they live here off Hawkins Cummins Road, fenced in on 50 acres.

Monday, she discovered two new mouths to feed.

"Immaculate conception?! I don't know what's going on!" Montavon said.

Two of her mares had babies, but she doesn't own any studs. Then she noticed a horse that wasn't hers.

"I said I have never seen him before. And I looked and said, he's a colt. All the right equipment."

A mare is pregnant for 11 months, so for nearly a year, that mystery stud lived on her farm without Montavon knowing. Sounds crazy. But Montavon works out of town frequently and a farm hand feeds her horses.

She discovered this "mess," as she calls it, last week, and figures at least four other horses are pregnant. There could be more.

"Which means any time in the next eleven months, I could wind up with 11 little crumb munchers," she said.

Montavon is sure someone dropped off that stud, who didn't want to take care of it anymore.

"It's just the idea that someone would do that, and the havoc it can cause."

Montavon has had to put down one of her mares, whose baby died in her womb. The vet bills to do that, and to check these other horses, are mounting. And it won't be over for a while.

"If you have a horse you want to get rid of, you don't have to send it to the slaughter house, talk to a few people, you can find it a home."

Montavon wants to know who owns that stud, who caused this. But right now, she's focusing on the horses who need her help.

"Just hoping the rest of the babies get here healthy. That's the big thing," she said.

That mystery stud is now at a friend's farm in Illinois. Montavon says she and a vet both think he's a thoroughbred. If that's true, he is likely registered in Kentucky. She's waiting on DNA tests that could link the stud to an owner.


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